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Principles of Management

Instructor: Navaid M. Khan

A program of
Institute of Business Management

FALL 2014

All students must carry to the class the course text book

All those who do not have the text book in the class, their marks will be deducted

Some Basic Definitions
• Management is the process of attaining organizational goals by effectively and efficiently Planning, Organizing, Leading/Motivating and Controlling
the Organization’s Human, Physical, Financial, and Information Resources

• Efficiency is
• Getting work done with a minimum of effort, expense, or waste
• Doings things right—most output for least input

• Effectiveness is
• Accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives
• Doing the right things

Manager is:
Someone who participates in the management process by planning, organizing, leading, or controlling the organizations resources.

Entrepreneur is:
An individual who conceives an idea of what product or service to offer and launches and runs his business.

Organization is:
A group of two or more people who work together in a consciously structured setting to achieve group goals.

Customers are:
Individuals and organizations that buy the goods and services produced by an organization

Performance is:
The degree to which individuals and organizations achieve organizations goal with effectiveness and efficiency

Four Management Functions

• Determining organizational goals and a means for achieving them Organizing
• Deciding where decisions will be made
• Who will do what jobs and tasks
• Who will work for whom

Inspiring – Motivating

• Monitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed

My Life principles

  • - To succeed you need to be Daring, Different and the First
  • - Winnig is not Everything; it is the Only thing!
  • - The best way to predict your Future is to Invent it!
  • - Never be doomed to Mediocrity

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